Sharon Powell Reflexology in Southwark, Lambeth, Central London

"Thank you so much Sharon for your lovely relaxing treatments, advice and 'listening ear' all throughout my pre-conception, pregnancy journey and also after the birth of my Son. Although my intention was to have reflexology mainly for help with conception, I love it so much that I am going to continue having regular treatments."
Lena M.

"My Wife has been receiving regular reflexology treatments from Sharon for several years and had been trying to persuade me to also have reflexology. Being a typical 'old school' male in my sixty's, I assumed that reflexology was for women! After experiencing a lot of discomfort in my shoulders, due to an extra busy work schedule with my driving/delivery job, I finally gave in to my Wife's persuasion and started having reflexology treatments. Apart from helping to ease my aching shoulders, I have felt much more relaxed. I am now converted and have regular treatments from Sharon. She also gave me a very useful leaflet, 'Men's Health - How to live longer and gain more from it.' Wish I had tried reflexology much sooner."
Nicholas S.

"Thankfully, I don't have any health conditions and am fairly calm. Having my regular reflexology treatments from Sharon help me to feel even more calm and stress free."
Sue H.

"I used to be very stressed and often tearful, but since having regular reflexology treatments from Sharon, I am now much more calm, relaxed, better able to cope and can also sleep more peacefully too."
Louise G.

"Due to my Husband being in poor health and us both being elderly, I am unable to get out much and only for short periods and distances at a time. I am grateful to be able to have and enjoy reflexology in the comfort of my own home. Sharon is very patient and understanding. She makes me feel so at eased and very relaxed."
Claire N.

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